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The Cri Cri Musical

The Cri Cri Musical

Lost Memories


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Children's theater


The Cri-Cri musical. Lost Memories.


Direction and Drama: Adaptation Verónica Escámez.

Songs: Francisco Gabilondo Soler.

Cast: Rafael Turincio, Sofia Rojas, Javier Pacheco, Tammie Pereira, Delia Rojas, Yeshua Villa, Roberto Cruz, Natalia Turincio and students of Casa Círculo Cultural

Music: Javier Pacheco, piano and accordion. Miguel Tejada, low pass. Daniel Rojas, drums and percussion. Josh Rauber, Guitars.

Choreography: Patricia Aceves, Belén Perez


Come and travel through time, we invite you to the magical world of Crí Crí where we will enjoy the best musical hits staged and singing live, Chon ki Fu, La fiesta de los zapatos, El Chorrito, La Patita and many more; You will live moments that will make you remember and relive, next to your children and the grandparents, your childhood. Come and enjoy  this staging full of magic and music with all the characters that made our unforgettable singer Don Gabilondo Soler famous.


Hours: Sunday, June 25, 2017 2:30 hours.

Tickets: $ 20.00


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