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From its inception in May 2009 Casa Círculo Cultural has been committed to establishing, producing and presenting works of theater, musical concerts, performances, TV programs, painting, sculpture, photography, creative writing, music classes and most recently a radio station with world-class content that addresses social needs of the community. Casa Círculo Cultural aims to provide a focus on creativity to a community of youth and adults throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


In the last seven years, Casa Círculo Cultural has grown to provide technical theater production, management, booking and support services for artists as well as other organizations. As a way to maximize available resources, Casa Círculo Cultural frequently partners with art organizations which are aligned with its philosophy of presenting programming that addresses both social and spiritual issues with the purpose of eliciting dialogue and inspiring social change.


In its short existence, Casa Círculo Cultural has established itself as the arts organization of choice for those community members looking for alternative high-quality programming delivered in their native language while bridging culturally disenfranchised communities.


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